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Decisions about which scaffolding to use are often minimized, relegated to the margins when a building, an industrial site, an oil rig or a new architectural project is being designed. Yet is it also from this element, from the scaffolding, that industrial, building or artistic work can be conceived.
The project, which then takes form, originates in the engineering.
And it is here that the Marssal Group is a world leader, developing state-of-the-art projects in all fields.

 Ponteggi Duomo Milano


The SM8 multidirectional system and SMP8 heavy-duty shoring system offer highly versatile solutions for temporary works of all types:

  • construction and maintenance scaffolding
  • shoring and concrete casting
  • building site ladders
  • service and advertising structures

This system has vertical elements, the uprights, onto which octagonal plates with 8 shaped holes are welded at 50cm intervals, enabling rapid coupling of cross-beams, beams, diagonal bracing and accessories. Its main characteristics are:

  • highly flexible use
  • rapid assembly and disassembly
  • construction of service structures with spans of up to 3.0 m
  • hot-dip galvanized surface protection



The prefabricated Real Pont frame system by Ponteggi Dalmine Marcegaglia uses a series of structural elements and a wide range of accessories to create many different configurations with varying spans. Construction simplicity enables rapid assembly and disassembly, while guaranteeing utmost safety in all stages of installation and use.



The tube-coupler system is ideal in situations that require high strength combined with flexibility of use. The Ponteggi Dalmine Marcegaglia tubing has technical characteristics that make it suitable for the most demanding uses, also thanks to cold-formed couplers which are protected against corrosion by tropicalization processes. Special T-head bolts are used for the assembly.


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