Permanent lifts

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The aim of permanent lifts is to significantly reduce the ascent time for people and equipment. These lifts can be used in both the building and industrial sectors.

Their hot-dip galvanized structure and all the components, from the motors to the pinions, rack gears, safety devices, electrical systems, designed specifically for use in extreme conditions, are all factors which ensure a high level of resistance over time. Moreover, the simple erection system makes this an excellent lifting system both for people and materials while guaranteeing utmost safety in operations.

There is no need for tower or travelling cranes, civil engineering works or the engine room normally required for rope and pulley lifts.

Permanent site lifts can be installed in or out of shafts.

The main advantages are:

  • fewer break-downs
  • lower maintenance costs
  • time savings in the execution of projects
  • cost savings in terms of labor during the construction stage
  • rapid delivery and installation
  • lower insurance costs
  • safety in compliance with law provisions

For industrial plants: carrying capacity 400kg to 1000kg, high speed up to 90m/min, maximum working height up to 300m.

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