Tree of Life – Expo 2015

The Tree of Life has grown with the help of Marssal Srl.

The symbol of Expo 2015 is taking shape and last week the scaffolding of the all-Italian company was assembled and positioned by a team of workers and engineers at the base of the steel and wood trestle trunk that will meet the visitors at the Padiglione Italia. Its growth (in height) can now be considered complete.

Marssal Srl, founded by Enzo Mariotti, provided all-round assistance to allow the Tree of Life to germinate and grow. All this based on the thirty years of experience and the development, right from the design stage, of a scaffolding system positioned with precision to support the branches which were assembled one after the other in situ, at the Milano Expo site. Indeed Marssal Srl has its own professionals and highly specialized labor force, always ready to welcome a new challenge.


Marssal Srl’s work appears very simple. Even Enzo Mariotti, used to hearing this said about it, says the same thing, explaining that it is indeed the apparent simplicity that is the secret of the success: “we sat down with the Company and we designed the most effective and rapid system to prepare the Tree of Life for erection to a height of 35 meters and then for the positioning of the main body at the top. Three levels of scaffolding of increasing height and a system of wedges cut to millimeter precision were the solution”.

A complex work for the symbol of Expo 2015 which began to take form in the last week of February thanks to the painstaking commitment of the Marssal Srl team of workers under the attentive supervision of its engineers, in all weathers and rapidly solving every glitch, always in total safety.

Another source of pride for Marssal Srl which has given Milan much thanks to the excellence it has always known how to express, constantly evolving and always abreast of the strict regulations. To give just one example, the scaffolding and equipment used for the construction of another flower in Milan’s cap, Bosco Verticale (Vertical Wood), a masterpiece praised around the world, are Marssal’s. And along with the scaffolding, all the installations have an innovative hoist and lift system which streamlines the worksites. A sign of rapidity and efficacy: the hallmark of Marssal Srl.

See the positioning of the scaffolding here.

di Sabrina Carrozza