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We have experience in every sector

Areas Served

Marssal supplies its products for all sectors, including civil and industrial buildings, chemical, naval and off-shore industries, metals and mines, bridges and tunnels, power plants and refineries.
From the study with the customer for the best solution, owing to the experience gained in over 35 years of work, the best project is born.

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(+39) 02 90119606

We offer "Turnkey" height solutions: Engineering, Procurement and Construction, even for atypical projects.

We develop medium-high difficulty systems for civil construction and industry.

Metal Scaffolding


Marssal Group has national and international certifications for all its products and business

Marssal Ponteggi Ascensori Montacarichi
Experts in elevation solutions
Marssal Certificato ISO Ascensori Industriali Ponteggi Montacarichi
Marssal Certificato ISO Ascensori Industriali Ponteggi Montacarichi
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Phone: +39 02 90119606

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Monday - Friday: 08:00-18:00

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