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Who We Are
MARSSAL Group change borders with ad hoc solutions
MARSSAL is a Group in continuous growth, constantly looking for innovative systems and services for the shipyard. This has allowed the Group to become a single point of reference on the Italian and foreign market.

We have a long history of success

MARSSAL was founded in Italy in 1983 as a commercial organization of Ponteggi Dalmine Marcegaglia, a leading European brand for the sale, hire and turnkey services of scaffolding systems for the construction site.
For years we have been expanding our business abroad, confirming a solid establishment even outside the national borders. The headquarters in Qatar was founded in 2007 and is considered an important point of reference for the countries of the Middle East area.
MARSSAL is now also active in other GCC countries, with particular reference to Saudi Arabia.
Over 40 years of experience and innovative vocation and collaboration at every level with companies in our area, have allowed the MARSSAL Group to grow and specialize operating units able to offer customized solutions for every single need.


Foundation year


Personalised projects


Marssal Installazione Ponteggi Industriali Civili Edilizia Milano Torino Varese Como Brescia Bergamo Pavia Lodi
Marssal Divisions

We are structuerd in 3 Divisions

Pianificazione Su Misura Ponteggi Ascensori Cantiere Pavia Milano  Torino Varese Lodi Como


the Division is at the base of the entire work of the MARSSAL Group. Owing to the Engineering, MARSSAL proposes itself on the market not only as a supplier of materials, but as a "partner that plans with the customer", a Solution Provider able to offer standard or customized solutions for the yard.

Ponteggi Milano Torino Como varese

Metal Scaffolding

this Division is engaged with its team of engineers, technicians, foremen and assemblers highly specialized in the continuous search for customized solutions to customer needs.

Ascensori Cantiere Pavia Milano  Torino Varese Lodi Como

Elevators and Hoists

the Division's main objective is the continuous development of innovative solutions in the logistics and vertical movement of materials and site personnel. It works in strong synergy with the Scaffolding Division, with which it manages to produce "alternative" solutions for safety, economy and a reduction in construction times.

Experience at the service of our customers

The MARSSAL Group is the expert and creative partner, attentive to the needs and requests of the customer, able to:
  • support the General Management and Management of the company, to research and design advanced economic and financial management solutions;
  • to compare and support the site management and technical office in the operational choices, and identify and execute technical solutions for the construction site.
Noleggio Ponteggi Milano Torino Como Varese Lodi Pavia preventivo
Vendita Ponteggi Noleggio Milano Torino Como Lodi Varese

All this is the keystone between a traditional shipyard and the efficient shipyard, where the synergy between the management of the times and the methods of execution, and the use of space allow for economic margins in constant compliance with the safety of the work.

Shall we talk about your project?

(+39) 02 90119606

We offer "Turnkey" height solutions: Engineering, Procurement and Construction, even for atypical projects.

We develop medium-high difficulty systems for civil construction and industry.

Metal Scaffolding


Marssal Group has national and international certifications for all its products and business

Marssal Ponteggi Ascensori Montacarichi
Experts in elevation solutions
Marssal Certificato ISO Ascensori Industriali Ponteggi Montacarichi
Marssal Certificato ISO Ascensori Industriali Ponteggi Montacarichi
Business Partner

Phone: +39 02 90119606

Opening hours
Monday - Friday: 08:00-18:00

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