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“Tradition and innovation for forward-looking solutions”

As a continuously growing company MARSSAL is constantly seeking and developing innovative systems and services for the construction site. This has enabled the company to become a unique point of reference for both the domestic and the international markets.

MARSSAL was established in Italy in 1983 as the commercial arm of Ponteggi Dalmine Marcegaglia, brand leader in Europe for in the sale, lease and turnkey services of scaffolding systems for building sites.

Over the years the group has expanded in Italy and abroad, securing its position as leader also overseas. The offices in Qatar were opened in 2007 and are considered an important reference point for the Middle East countries.

MARSSAL now also operates in other GCC countries, above all Saudi Arabia.

Over 30 years of experience, its focus on innovation and the collaboration at all levels with companies in Italy have enabled MARSSAL Group to set up specialized operating units able to offer customized solutions to all needs.

MARSSAL operates through the following divisions:

    • SCAFFOLDING, SHORING AND TEMPORARY METAL STRUCTURES Division: this division operates through a team of engineers, technicians, foremen and expert fitters constantly on the lookout for customized solutions to meet our customers’ needs.
    • LIFTS AND HOISTS Divisionthis division’s main objective is to develop innovative solutions for logistics and the vertical movement of materials and people on building sites. Working in close cooperation with the Scaffolding Division, it proposes alternative solutions to ensure the site’s safety, cost-effectiveness and time saving.
    • ENGINEERING Division: this division is the cornerstone of MARSSAL Group activities and allows MARSSAL to position itself on the market not just as a supplier of materials but as a “partner that accompanies the client”, a Solution Provider able to offer building sites both standard and bespoke solutions.

All this makes the difference between a traditional building site and an efficient one, where synergy between time management, working methods and use of the space generates economic margins, while fully respecting the safety of the activities.

MARSSAL Group is an expert and creative partner, attentive to its customers’ needs and requests, able to:

  • work alongside the client company’s Management, to study and design advanced operating, economic and financial solutions
  • dialogue with and support the building site’s Management and Technical Office in the operating choices and identify and implement detailed technical solutions for the site



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Marssal Srl holds UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification for the design, installation and lease of building site scaffolding and lifting equipment.

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